Bach Ma

Bach Ma National Park is spectacularly located near the top of a peak. There are a number of trails, of which one goes 2 kilometers to the high point. From there on a clearer day, you can see both Hue to the north and Da Nang to the south. Bach Ma (White Horse) is located on the mountain spur that extends to the sea, which is also crossed by Hai Van Pass. You get to it by leaving Highway 1 on the Hue side of the pass.

The road goes through a village, through an entrance gate, and then it winds up the mountain! This is rather nice, and seems far removed from the bustle along Highway 1 down below.

Once on top, there is a guest house and a place where food is served. Food is taken up there depending on the number of registered guests. A little farther up the hill is another guest house, and then a small Morin hotel. This is the same chain that has larger hotels in many cities, including Hue.

Just past there is a trail that goes to the high point of the park. It's a good trail, mostly paved with stones like trails in Cuc Phuong and probably for the same reason. Monsoon rains can be fierce here. The trail goes past a turn-off to an old American "helicopter base" and then to a glassed in building atop the park.

Our view was not spectacular because it was raining. In fact, this was a three hour walk in the rain. I have water tight skin. Besides, in Vietnam the rain is just wet, not cold. There are several other trails to walk. Bach Ma will be one of several places where we could spend all our time, but can't.

Guests on a trip to this park would probably enjoy walking part of the road back down the mountain, and then walking through the large marketplace in the village that's along Highway 1.

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