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Lunch, along Ho Chi Minh Highway
Meals in Vietnam are most likely based on rice, though noodles are common.

An individual bowl will be brought to you (foreground in the photo above) and you can put rice into it from a common rice bowl. (background in the photo). Several other dishes will normally be served, from which you add other components to your individual bowl of rice. Meat (beef, pork, or seafood) and several varieties of vegetables will be presented.

Chopstick familiarity is recommended, though some have brought their own sets of flatware (you will be given chopsticks). Either way, Vietnamese food is a highlight of any trip. I've loved Vietnamese food in the U.S. But in Vietnam, it's an order of magnitude better--plus the surroundings are quite authentic, to say the least!

It is still recommended that you provide your own drinking water, though hot tea is probably safe. On our trips, VYC supplies bottled drinking water, plus it can be readily purchased. Xuan Hung recommended the La Vie brand as I was about to walk across the street in Hue to purchase a bottle.